Online Game Tournaments [OGT] is for competitive online video game competitions for the top gaming enthusiast and players across world. The innovative platform offers gamers the chance to play the top video games in the industry for real money through daily/weekly online matches, tournaments and challenges

Before a player is eligible to compete in any type of competition (matches/tournaments/challenges) they must register and create an OGT Player Account. Players are required to fill in all necessary fields, as well as agree to the stated terms & conditions, privacy policy, and that the player is at least 18 years old.

You can get banned for a variety of reasons like not playing fairly, not reporting accurate/truthful game results, or providing a false identification. If you are caught on any of these infractions your account will be flagged immediately and you risk permanently banning your account.


Matches are a head to head match on any supported game. This can range from different team sizes (1vs1, 2vs2, etc..). All players will wager in the selected entry fee. Each player of the winning team will split the trophy prize.

Yes, outside of the restricted areas listed in our Terms & Conditions, a wager match is completely legal and is not considered online gambling. This is because a player’s skill, strategy, and technique are the only factors that determine the winner. Please note skilled gaming competitions are illegal in Arizona.

Click on the matches in the top menu and you will see the available matches. You can join any of the matches already created or create your own match. Once you have joined/created the match the entry fee will automatically be deducted from your wallet. After the match is finished you will report the score by clicking on your username at the top then clicking on games. You will see the match you played and an “Upload Score” button. Please note if it is a team size of 2vs2 or larger the team captain/player that created the team is the only player that can upload the score. The captain will add up the score for all players and input the whole teams score.

Within the Matches page, click the “Create a Match” button on the top right. Fill out all the information needed. After creating the match it will now be posted on the Matches page.

If one team does not report results, the winning team will receive the trophy prize in 15 minutes after they have reported the score. If one team reports and the other team accepts, the funds will be added to your wallet instantly.


Go to the drop-down navigation bar by clicking your username. When the drop-down menu opens click on “My Wallet”. Now enter the amount you want to deposit. Click on “Add Funds With PayPal” and you will be redirected to PayPal. Complete the purchase and you will have the money in your wallet.

Click your username and then “Profile”. You can easily add or make changes to your OGT profile at any time.

Go to the drop-down navigation bar by clicking your username. When the drop-down menu opens click on “My Wallet”. Now enter the amount you want to withdraw. Click on “Cash Out With PayPal”.

*NOTE: Please ensure that the provided PayPal email is correct and verified. Money cannot be sent to unverified accounts.